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Basic Eye Make-Up Application



You have great eye shadow but you just can't figure out how to get it on. We've all done it. We have all struggled with getting that perfect eye make-up application. 

You scroll through Pinterest and you see those perfect, multi-color looks. By following this application technique, you will achieve that look you have desired without having to hire a make-up artist! 

  • Start by applying your normal base coat. Apply your base to your eye lids as well to prolong the wear time of your eye shadow. 
  • Find a reliable eye shadow primer. Apply this next and you have guaranteed that your eye shadow will last all day long.
  • Next, apply your eye liner. This will vary based on the shape of your eyes. For the most basic, simple look, apply a thin line from your inner eye all the way to the edge of your eye lashes. 
  • Then you will start with your lightest color. Typically this is a white or a cream. Apply this on your entire eye lid. Carry it all the way up to your eyebrow line. 
  • Now you will grab your darkest color of eye shadow. You will apply this in an upside moon shape right at the bottom of your brow bone. This will leave the very bottom of your eyelid still cream as well as the very top.
  • Lastly, you will fill in the bottom part of your eyelid. This is the spot between the darkest color and your eyeliner. Fill this section in with your medium color.
  • To give it a cohesive look, blend it all together with a blending brush.

To finish off your new look, apply some of our great lashes to give you that stylish and complete look! Now you look like a rock star without breaking the bank! 

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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