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Eyebrows: Achieve a Natural Look

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Your eyebrows have a large effect on the overall look and cohesion of your hair and face. Too dark or too light a color may look fake and overdone. While overfilled brows can resemble a closer liking to clown makeup. Don't worry about absolute perfection in size and shape, as your brows aren't naturally perfect anyways—unless you're one of those blessed few. Instead, look to achieve a natural, full look using your natural shape and color as a guide. And if you're dealing with the loss of eyebrow hair due to cancer or another illness, and now wear a hairpiece or not, these tips will work well for you too.

When choosing eyebrow enhancers (pencils, gels, tints, powders) it is important to choose safe ingredients for both the sake of your skin and eyebrows. Look for keywords such as: free of parabens, sulfates, latex, and petrochemicals 5 Eyebrow Enhancers--Explained.

For a natural and authentic look, the eyebrows should be a shade similar to your hair color or color of your hairpiece: no more than one to two shades lighter for eyebrow lightening, or one to two shades darker for tinting. 

Some blondes do naturally have darker eyebrows, while certain brunettes have lighter ones.

But "in general, a lighter brow color will look more natural because it recedes, filling in the gaps between (but not overshadowing) your actual brow hairs" A Real Life Guide to Finding the Right Brow Color For You.

If you're a blonde with darker eyebrows this contrast may transmit the 'bottle blonde' look. But if your brows' darker shade compliments your hair and face, leave them be, and instead focus instead on filling and shape.  

If you do wish to lighten your brows, perhaps you're a brunette who wants to go platinum blonde, but wonder whether or not to lighten your eyebrows, remember that experts warn to seek professional assistance for lightening or darkening the brows. Bleaching or coloring at-home can cause permanent eye damage, irritated skin, or eyebrow hair loss. And you can always lighten your eyebrows slightly by choosing a filler one to two shades lighter than your natural eyebrow color. While this is a temporary solution, it will not result in irreversible eye damage.

When it comes to eyebrows, remember to care for them with safe ingredients and a natural color to ensure an all-around polished look.

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