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The perfect look for a romantic date night


The look of your make-up on a date night is very important, especially if it is a first date. You want to feel great about yourself, while also impressing your date.

When applying make-up for a date night, it is essential that you keep it different from how you apply make-up for a girl's night out. You do not want to apply your make-up too heavily because this will cover up your natural beauty.

Always start with a great concealer. Next, apply your favorite powder. The best powders are the brands that are tailored to your skin type. If you have naturally oily skin, then try to find mineral powder that is made for oily skin. This will help prevent that oily shine that your skin gives off.

Find out which color of eye shadow complements your eye color the best. Apply it lightly. You want it to be seen, but you want to be sure that it still looks natural.

Apply your eyeliner just along your eyelashes. Unless you always apply very heavy and thick eyeliner, try to keep it simple. This will highlight your eyes and their natural shape without being overwhelming.

To finish off your date night make-up, select the perfect lip color. A matte lipstick is a good choice because the shades are more toned down than a glossy lipstick. It is also great for long-lasting wear. If you are wearing a bold outfit, keep the shade more neutral and let your clothes do the talking. If you are wearing a simple and neutral outfit, go for a bolder color that will give your look a pop.

The trick to great make-up for a date night is to keep it clean and simple. Highlight all of your best features.

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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