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Hydration: The Foundation of Lifelong Beauty

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It is well-known that a fundamental key to great health is proper hydration, but did you know that drinking enough water also has incredible beauty benefits?  You look your best when you are in great health and the good news is that staying hydrated is a simple and low-cost health regimen that anyone can start doing today. Read on for some of the many reasons why staying hydrated can boost your beauty.

Water Keeps Skin Elastic

Drinking the right amount of water keeps your skin soft and pliant. Though drinking water cannot prevent wrinkles, it does lessen the appearance of fine lines due to your skin cells being well hydrated. Elasticity is a major component to looking youthful and it is only a glass of water away. That's something any woman can drink to!

Water Helps You Detox

Your kidneys need plenty of water in order to detox your body of liquid waste. Driving out these impurities results in a cleaner, radiant face. In fact without water skin becomes inflamed and pores get blocked, resulting in uneven skin, acne, blackheads, and redness. Avoid these imperfections by taking in the right amount of water for your body. has an excellent calculator to find out how much water you should drink daily.

Water Gives an Energy Boost

Water helps transport oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Staying properly hydrated also means your heart won't work as hard, meaning you are more energized. Trying to avoid looking "tired"?  Grab a glass of water! It is one of the most important energy sources your body needs. No amount of concealer can truly mask fatigue. Thankfully, water can take care of that problem and bring out your energetic glow.

Water Lowers Stress

Dehydration actually triggers a degree of stress, since over half of the brain is made up of water. When you are lacking enough water, your body is not fully relaxed. It is common sense that less stress means better skin since stress contributes to many health problems. Being relaxed is beneficial to your skin which reflects your overall health. Also, your entire face lights up when you smile and are in a good mood.

Are you ready to have your skin glow? Ready to feel more energized and look more relaxed? Drinking enough water makes your skin clear and radiant and lowers stress. Water also has the potential to draw out the best of your natural beauty by optimizing your health and energy level. Take some time today to get your body back on track and trade that can of soda in for a refreshing glass of water. Your body will thank you.

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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