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Simple Beauty Tips 911: 3 Ways Makeup Can Hide a Hangover

Simple Beauty Tips

The holidays mean plenty of seasonal cheer -- but the morning after a party can be a headache in more ways than one! If you've had a little too much alcohol while celebrating, you can rescue your look with a few simple beauty tips. They may not do much for your aching head, but you'll still look your best the morning after!

1. Hydrate: Try to drink a glass or two of water before you go to bed, and you'll get a head start.  Drink plenty of water all morning long. Not only will the added hydration help your puffy eyes and skin, but it will ease some of the physical side effects of alcohol as well. Water, herbal tea, coconut water or electrolyte drinks that aren't loaded with sugar are all good choices for hydrating the morning after you've overindulged. 

2. Create a flawless base: Even if you normally have great skin, pay extra attention to your makeup today. A tinted, hydrating foundation can hide the redness and uneven texture that comes with dehydration and alcohol use. These skin flaws will be temporary, but they are easily remedied with a little makeup. Dot on some concealer as needed and use an illuminating highlighter on your brow and cheekbones to brighten up your whole face. 

3. Create an eye-opening look with natural mink lashes: Beat the sleepy look with lush lashes and some simple tricks. Line your top lid only with a rich brown or black to combat redness and use a white or pale blue on the lower lid water line to brighten your eyes even more. Top with luxurious and natural mink lashes and turn a "blah" morning into a "wow" day!

Even small amounts of alcohol can cause puffiness and impact your normal beauty routine! Thankfully it is pretty easy to combat the effects the morning after. 

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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