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Fashion revival, the 70's make a comeback in 2015 fashion trends

2015 fashion trends

2015 fashion trends are taking a lesson from the past, specifically the 1970's. The runways were filled with suede, fringe, bright yellow, and bold prints that are reminiscent of the groovy days. 

Shirt-dresses are comfortable for most occasions. Whether you are out with the family or out with the girls a shirt-dress will keep you cool, comfortable, and classy. Take an extra fashion-forward step and find a gingham shirt-dress something like that of the gingham pants Audrey Hepburn donned circa 1960.  

You might not be ready for full-on fringe, but adding a fringe wallet or purse, hair accessory, or statement jacket to your wardrobe embraces the trend without overdoing it. Leather fringe has an earthy vibe that is best for vests and leather jackets, while a silky fringe is sophisticated enough for a dress or skirt.    

The hip huggers and bell bottoms haven't quite made a comeback yet, but this year's spring fashion certainly has a touch of the flared pant look with lots of extra room and boyfriend jeans. Denim tailored at the top makes the waistline sexy and a little flare at the bottom gives the silhouette a balanced look. Keep the style fresh by looking for pants in colors other than traditional denim. Golden hues are great for spring and fall. 

If you can't borrow from mom, search in local thrift stores and consignment shops for some new pieces. Be sure to dust off your vintage lava lamp and brush up on the wardrobes of Jackie and Donna from That 70's Show for this year's upcoming fashion season. 

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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