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Sorting through beauty trends - the facial oil boom

If you have been paying attention to the beauty blogs and magazines, then you may already realize the booming trend of facial oils.  They seem to be everywhere lately!  But the downside to seeing them everywhere is that is can be hard to determine which one works best for you.  Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, prefer scientific technology or organic nature, there is a good facial oil for your complexion.  Cleansing oils are a subset of this huge trend, however today we are only going to look at treatment/moisturizing oils.  Here are some of the top-ranked facial treatment oils for this beauty trend.

  • For oily skin - Oily complexions should not fear the facial oil beauty trends!  Acne-prone skin should definitely seek out Tea Tree Oil since the antiseptic properities can work wonders.  Likewise, grapeseed oil can help regulate the natural oil production within the skin.
  • For dry skin - Dry skins do have more options, but there are still a few highlights to mention.  Chamomile oil is wonderful for dry and sensitive skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  If you are very dry, olive oil can also be wonderful.
  • Natural - For a more natural approach, you really cannot beat vitamin E, jojoba, or sweet almond.  The universal nature of these options makes the investment well worth it!
  • Anti-aging - There are a number of anti-aging facial oil blends available such as the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil reviewed here.  The limited ingredient list contains rose hips seed oil, known for its vitamin properties and cell regeneration claims.  Plus the fresh-cut-orange scent can be intoxicating!

One of the best-known oils on the market right now is argan oil, which seems to be everywhere from shampoo to body lotion to lipbalm.  The Josie Maran line is one of the top sellers for this ingredient.  This one deserves separate mention because it really is that universal.

Lastly, once you have chosen the right oil for your complexion and your skincare goals, keep in mind that they are also cost-effective.  Since you only need a few drops per application, that seemingly pricey bottle can actually go a long way!

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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