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Lotus Mink Lashes - Discover our New and Improved Quality, Beauty and Fluff!

Ashley Souza

Posted on April 04 2015

We don't want no mediocre! Shop our new and improved Lotus mink lash styles and discover your new favorites!

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  • Sony: May 05, 2015

    I just saw a clip from Desperate Living, I am gonna have to see that whole movie, I love that scene where you are panting and mnnoiag as the phone in the bedroom rings and you say Hello? What Number are you calling? and you really go crazy when they tell you they dialed the wrong number, I am so like this sometimes, I can’t express it though, often enough, hahahaha !!!! You really crack me up, this is my new line now, what number are you calling? , the whole scene, my partner and I love reciting scenes, from our favorite shows or movies, and we love this one !!!! XXXOOO Brian

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