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Perfect Lotus Mink Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Long, full lashes are the best way to take your eye-makeup look from good to gorgeous, but to really achieve that fabulous and flawless celebrity look, you need to know a couple of important tips. First, identify the shape of your eyes and eyelids. Apply a primer for your shadow, then eye-shadow, and liner. You want to apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural lashesthen apply mink eyelashes based on your eye shape. Once your lashes are on you can carefully touch up liner making sure not to get liner or mascara on the top of your mink lashes.

To identify your eyes Vogue suggests, "first determine if you have a crease, if not, you know your eye shape is mono-lid. If you have a crease but it's not visible, you have hooded eyes. If the whites of your eyes are visible all around your iris, then you have round eyes. If your irises disappear into your upper and lower eyelids, you have almond eyes. And for upturned and down-turned eyes imagine a line going through the center of your eye, if the outer corners appear to head towards the sky you have upturned eyes, and if they appear to go down, you have down-turned eyes. Upturned eyes are very similar to almond eyes and should follow the same guidelines. If your eyes recede into your face and you have a more prominent brow, you have deep-set eyes.

Pull your hair back, with a fresh face, and look in the mirror to visualize, and see the shape of your eyes and lids more clearly. Once you've decided whether you have round, almond, deep-set, hooded, wide-set, down-turned, up-turned, or mono-lid eyes you can pick your perfect lash

Round eye shape: To really play up this rare eye shape use a thinner lash that fans upward and highlights the eyes natural, round shape. Try No. 116 No. 203, or No. 311, all Light Volume Mink Lashes that will give you a full yet natural look and let the shape stand out.

Almond shaped eyes or Upturned Eyes: The most common eye shape gives you a lot of freedom as to what's going to work on your eyes. However, you still want a lash that's going to make your eyes appear wider, and more awake, so use a voluminous lash that fans outward like the No. 151 Medium Volume Mink Lash.

Deep-set eyes: You want to bring the eye forward with lashes that have greater lengths in the middle like the Medium Volume Mink Lashes No. 410, No. 325, and No. 105,  or try High Volume Mink Lashes No. 18, or No. 100.

Hooded eyes: You want the eye to stand out, so use a long straight strand, with the longest strands in the middle of the lash, that taper to shorter lengths at the corners of the eye like the No. 1 Medium Volume Mink.

Mono-lid eyes: Mink lashes are a must-have for anyone with a mono-lid eye! A great option that makes the eye pop is the No. 75 Medium Volume Mink. It gets thicker toward the outer corner of the eye which draws attention to the eyes rather than the lids, giving the eye more shape. Mono-lid eyes are an eye shape look beautiful with many light and medium volume mink lashes, experiment with styles No. 151, No. 311, No. 1, No. 325, No. 203.

Down-turned eyes: Are "synonymous with Hollywood glam and classic beauty, down-turned eyes turn slightly downward at the outside corner of the eye," according to Revlon. Put emphasis on the outer corners of your eye to add lift, try Medium Volume Mink Lash No. 151, and No. 75, or High Volume Mink No. 217.

Once you've found your perfect lash it's time to get started, just remember give your glue enough time and don't apply makeup onto your minks!

The number one problem people have when applying false lashes is they try and apply the lashes too soon after they've put the adhesive on the lash. Let the adhesive glue dry for at least 30 to 40 seconds before you apply your lashes; the adhesive will be tackier and easier to work with.

The second most common problem is adding mascara to your false lashes. Keep your minks fluffy and beautiful longer by keeping mascara and liner away from them. Gorgeous, celebrity status eyes are easy when you know the shape of your eye, and how to properly care for your mink lashes.

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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