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2019 Makeup Trends

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on October 29 2019

2019 makeup trends lotus lashes


2019 has been all about natural and glowy makeup on one end and over-the-top face art on other. We've seen some astounding beauty trends pop up throughout the year. But 2019 is not over yet! Here are some of the trends we've seen so far and what you can expect to see before the year ends!

Natural Brow

Sharp brows seem to be taking a backseat this year as the barely-filled-in brow look takes the wheel. The idea is to fill in your brows, but it should look almost like you haven't. If you weren't ever able to really go in on your brow game, this has been the year to embrace your brows as they are. 2019 is cutting your eyebrows a break. You can sigh a breath of relief and use the hour you would've spent trying to perfect your eyebrows on something else.

What Foundation?

We're embracing the natural brow, and we're also embracing the natural face. This is the perfect trend for those of us who don't care for a full beat face. We're aiming for barely there. The best foundations to use for this look are light, not cakey. Most importantly, they provide enough coverage to smooth out the skin and hide blemishes while presenting an ethereal glow.

Golden Goddess

If you want your face to glow brighter than Beyonce's 2017 Grammy's performance outfit, then grab your golden highlighter, bronzer, and eye shadow immediately. There have been so many stars and Instagram influencers embracing the gold eyeshadow and bronzer looks. Gold is a gorgeous, year-round color, but it's really taken off during the summer. I doubt that this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Glitter and rhinestones have frequented the face of many celebrities this year and many fans of Euphoria who fell in love with Maddie Perez's rhinestone look. As the show's popularity rises, you can expect to see many more people rocking the rhinestone look.

Graphic Content

2019 has also been the year to experiment with colorful eyeliner and eyeliner styles. From floating eyeliner to Lizzo's bright neon bold cat eye, graphic eyeliner colors and designs have been a real "eye-opener" for makeup lovers everywhere this year. (See what I did there!)

Let us know what makeup trends you've been checking out this year!

Photo credit cosmopolitan.com

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