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A Beginner's Guide To Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the key to creating a balanced look to your face. They are such an important part of defining your eyes! Taking just a few moments each day to manage your brows can make a dramatic difference. Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Groom your brows. Have them done professionally one time so you can see your brows' potential. Then you can keep up the shape on your own at home. Just be careful not to over pluck, since brow hairs don't always grow back! If you have a hair growing in the right place but it's too long, just trim it rather than plucking.

2) Decide if you prefer to use a pencil, powder, gel, or mascara-type brow product. For a beginner, a brow powder is the most forgiving. Precision and skill is not as important with powder as it is with the other types.

3) Get the color right. It's important to find just the right level of depth and warmth. The ideal brow color is close to your hair color, no more than one or two shades lighter or darker. Go darker if you have light hair; lighter if you have dark hair. If your coloring is warm, you'll want a warmer-toned color; if you have cooler tones in your hair and skin, look for cooler. It's worth spending the time at your local makeup store to find the right shade; the wrong shade can be unflattering.

4) If you're using a powder, apply it starting at the center of your brow and do the outer half first. Without dipping your brush back into the powder, go back and do the inner half. This prevents the inner part of the brow from looking too "done" or harsh.

5) With a spoolie brush (you can use a clean old mascara wand), brush your brows straight up and out. This both neatens them and removes the excess product.

6) Take a selfie. This is the best way to check to make sure your brows look fabulous!

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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