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3 Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger Now!

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on March 16 2017

makeup tips to make you look younger lotus lashes

There's no turning back the clock, but there are small tricks you can do with your makeup to appear more youthful. Here are three makeup tips to make you look younger:

1) Fill in your brows! Having thick eyebrows is a huge trend these days, but beyond that it gives the face a youthful look! Since thinning or over-plucked eyebrows are a sign of getting older, filling in your brows in a way that makes them look thick but natural can take years off of your face. To do this, brush the eyebrow hairs up so they stick out and look a bit messy, then fill in the sparse areas of the brow with light strokes of your favorite brow product.

2) Apply blush to the "apples" of your cheeks! Yes, this is something we've all been hearing since we first learned to do makeup, but do you know why this age-old trick works? It's because our own natural flush appears more towards the center of our faces. Applying blush towards the back of the cheekbone makes you appear older, while applying it towards the front of your face mimics our natural vibrancy and innocence. Be sure to apply the blush in a shade that looks natural for your skin tone, and apply it lightly; too much and you may just appear sunburned.

3) Liven those eyes! As we age, our eyes appear heavier. To open your eyes up more and bring back a youthful look, we suggest lashes! With the continuous use of mascara over the years, the long lashes you once had as a child become stunted and shorter. Choosing a natural-looking lash is a small tip to make you appear wide-eyed once more, and will have the same effect that your lashes did when you were young! To best achieve this look, we recommend our Lotus Lashes in No. 7 High Volume. And for an added eye-opening effect, you can apply a nude or white eyeliner to your lower waterline.

We hope you enjoyed these three simple tricks! Try incorporating them into your daily routine and you'll be amazed at how much younger you appear!

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