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3 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on November 16 2016

three questions to ask your makeup artist lotus lashes

Several of the most successful makeup artists think of faces as blank canvases. They creatively imagine and skillfully use their tools as paintbrushes: applying color, contouring cheeks, patting on concealer and more. Yes, we are already “flawless” just like Beyoncé. But a crimson-red lipstick or a touch of foundation can only up the sexy factor, right?

Here are three things that we should ask anyone trusted with being part of their makeup glam squad.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

It is a solid idea to know about your makeup artist’s favorite or must-have cosmetics. Why? Asking this question is a good way to test his or her knowledge of products and trends. Also, your artist will reveal some really good “makeup-bag-worthy” products that you can probably use as well.

You should make sure you tweet about the product names and places to buy the beauty gems!

How can I do a great makeup look in five minutes?

Most of us have put together a masterpiece-makeup look within a short window of time. Chances are that your artist knows just what to do when the pressure is on.

If there are occasions when you only have five minutes to take your look from day-to-night on your own, then chat with your artist about how to go from good to gorgeous quickly. You can get sexy in no time!

Of course, it is good to ask your artist before you end up in this fast-track situation. Don’t forget to do several five-minute makeup application test runs as well. Please remember this popular adage: practice makes perfect.

What made you become a makeup artist?

This question may sound unconventional, but it is beneficial to find out about your artist’s inspirations. We can learn a lot about someone’s career by knowing what makes them tick. Why not discover why your artist loves cosmetics? By talking with the makeup guru in your life, you will make a great friend and prevent any long stretches of awkward silence during your visits.

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