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3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Mink Lashes For Your Hooded Eyes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on January 15 2020

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Hooded eyes are a bit tricky to buy mink eyelashes for because the excess skin on top of your brow bone can cover a large portion of your eyelid. This makes it much harder to see your lashes. Thankfully, there are certain eyelashes that you can use with a hooded eye that still look amazing and show off your gorgeous eyes. Here are three things to look for when it comes to finding mink eyelashes for hooded eyes. 

High Volume

You really want your lashes to show through your hooded eyes and a great way to do this is to go with high volume false eyelashes. These lashes are packed full of individual mink lash hairs and will really pop through your hooded eyes. Choosing high volume lashes with hairs the fan straight, rather than crossing over each other, are a great style because they will fan over your hooded eyes perfectly. 

Long Length

Along with the high volume, you need extra length for your mink eyelashes. This added length also helps your eyelashes to come up and over your hooded eyes so you can really show them off. In terms of length, you want to have the longest hairs in the middle and on either end of the false eyelashes. These lengths will be around 14 mm or longer, so they really accentuate these areas of your eyes and your hooded eyes aren't an issue at all.  

Deep Curl 

Lastly, you want to go with mink eyelashes that also have a deep curl to them. It is this curl the bends the lashes up and over the extra skin above your eyes. Lashes that don't have a curl in them may get lost beneath your hooded eye and will not have the same dramatic lash effect that you are hoping for.

At Lotus Lashes you can find mink false eyelashes that are high volume, extra long in length, and have a deep curl. These are the perfect false lashes for your hooded eyes and will give you a glamorous look that you will love.

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