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Our Mink Lashes Are Cruelty-Free!

We all want to look our best and most glamorous, and luxurious mink eyelashes can really boost your fabulous look. Not only are our mink eyelashes hypoallergenic, made with no added chemical and dyes, making them perfect for beauties with sensitive eyes, they are cruelty-free. Our lashes aren't produced using unsafe polymers and chemicals, and you can rest assured that the minks aren't harmed in the process of collecting the hairs for our beautiful lashes! The manufacturers simply get the hairs from brushing and collecting the hairs from the animals.

There's a growing trend among consumers, especially conscientious beauty consumers, to buy products that don't negatively harm our environment, and this includes animals. In recent years, availability of cruelty-free cosmetics has grown considerably. is a great resource for finding beauty products labeled cruelty-free. They even offer a smart phone app for quick reference when out shopping for your cosmetics. 

Why should you consider cruelty-free? There are several reasons, and not harming animals is at the top of that list. Cruelty-free options are readily available, so why not use them instead of products that may have potentially harmed animals during the testing or manufacturing process.  Products that aren't tested on animals are still safe. Companies have plenty of alternative options for testing their beauty products, including using cell and tissue cultures and even live human trials. Cruelty-free cosmetic production is good for the minks, bunnies, and other animals, and let's face it, it's just good karma.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatma Ghandi

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza




October 08, 2016

I’m wondering why lotus lashes are not on the list of cruelty free products on ?


December 17, 2015

I would love to order lahes, via telephone, number please.

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