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Change Your Eye Color With a Contact Lens

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different eye color? You can easily try out any color by simply wearing a colored contact lens. This trend is a fun way to completely change your look. You can also keep your current eye color and make it more intense by adding colored lenses. There are several different options when it comes to choosing the right product to fit your needs.

You can get these lenses as prescription or non-prescription. If you have perfect vision but are interested in changing your eye color, you can get them without a prescription. These are strictly for appearance and will not affect your vision. If you already wear glasses or contacts, you can get an array of colors with your prescription. This gives you the benefit of great vision while sporting an amazing eye color.

It is much easier to completely change your eye color if your eyes are already light. In other words, it is easier to go from a light blue to a vibrant green or brown. Those with dark eyes may find it more difficult to change to a lighter color. Don’t worry though, it is possible. You will likely need to choose an opaque lens which is thicker and completely covers the color underneath. These lenses are clear only in the center where the pupil is located, so that you can see through them.

If you want to do something really bold, consider a color or style that is not naturally occurring. You can literally get any color of the rainbow. These are often used for theatrical purposes and make great additions to Halloween costumes. There is no limit to what you can do regarding your eye color.

The best thing about colored contact lenses is the flexibility. It is not a permanent change. You can try out several different colors and decide which you like best. You can even change the color daily to match your outfit or mood. Some people will change their eye color along with the seasons, wearing a deep brown in the winter, vibrant blue in the summer, and bright green in the spring.

You will likely find whatever you are looking for regarding eye color. The options are endless. You can have a lot of fun with colored contact lenses.

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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