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5 Super Healthy Foods for Beautiful Skin

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on October 23 2020

5 Super Healthy Foods for Beautiful Skin lotus lashes blow


For beautiful skin, it's important to choose only the best natural skincare and beauty products that are free from chemicals, toxins, and dyes, while also supplementing with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Skin tells a story of your whole health. Let's take a look at five super healthy foods for beautiful skin!


Most seeds are incredibly nutritious, with tons of healthy fats, proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to skin health and overall health. Many seeds are also recognized as being super foods, such as flax seeds and Chia seeds. Plus, the best thing about seeds is that you can put them on just about anything to eat them!


Most berries are filled with fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, all of which are vital for healthy skin, from preventing skin problems to maintaining beautiful skin. Any berry will do, but strawberries and Goji berries are exceptional choices with very high vitamin C content, which repairs skin tissue and synthesizes collagen in the skin.


Loaded with fiber, folate, and iron, spinach is a fantastic food for health and beauty. It's especially good for the digestive system and eliminating toxins from the body, as well as for transporting oxygen to the blood.


Salmon, and other oily fish like sardines, is outstanding for the skin due to Omega-3, which is not only great for the heart, it's anti-inflammatory, hydrating, calming, and protective to the skin. Salmon is also high in niacin, vitamin E, D, and B6.


Working to keep the gut microbiome healthy, fermented liquids such as apple cider vinegar are essential for your body's entire detoxification process, nutrient absorption, and immunity. Vinegar also helps blood sugar levels stay balanced, and it fights infections that would otherwise cause skin flare-ups and blemishes. Try taking just a couple of tablespoons of vinegar a day, or add healthy fermented drinks to your diet, such as Kombucha.

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