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5 Ways to Use Makeup to Look Well-Rested

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Skimping on sleep can leave its trace on your face. But don't worry--it's fixable! From dry lips to under-eye circles, here are six simple steps to looking great despite skipping Zs.

1. Freshen Your Face

Use a luminous foundation to nix dullness. Gently apply it down the middle of your face and blend out toward your cheeks, jawline, and temples. Apply a full-coverage concealer in a dot formation in the shape of a downward-facing triangle under your eyes. Blend well, and you'll instantly look refreshed.

2. Undo Under-eye Circles

Those shadows under your eyes are tell-tale signs you've been burning the midnight oil. Cover dark circles by applying dots of a yellow-toned concealer from the outer lower lashes to the inner corners. Gently blend the dots with your ring finger, then set the concealer with a dusting of a yellow-toned powder. If fine lines are an issue, apply eye cream before concealer to prevent the products from settling into them.

3. Wake Up Tired Eyes

Black eyeliner can accentuate dark circles, even after you've applied concealer. Opt for navy liner instead, as it brightens the whites of your eyes. Navy mascara has a similar effect. Apply both products to top lashes only, or they will accentuate under-eye circles, too. Better still, use our ultra fluffy lashes for a spectacular 3D effect that will make your eyes the center of attention, drawing the focus away from those pesky circles.

4. Light Up Your Lips

Lips dry out when you're not rested, so smooth on a hydrating lip color to combat the arid condition. Avoid nude lip color hues as they wash out your complexion. Use a lip brush so that color adheres better, press your lips together to set, and dab a clear gloss to the center of your bottom lip.

5. Get Good a Glow

Create a natural flush by flipping your head over for a few seconds--an instant blush-application template! Then, use a natural pink or peach blush to create a healthy glow. Lastly, apply highlighter just above the cheekbones to look more refreshed and awake.

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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