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5 Youtube Beauty Gurus You Should Know About!

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on September 11 2017

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5 YouTube Beauty Channels You Should Know About!

Trying to get into the fantastic world of beauty, but don't know where to start? Look no further! Below is a seemingly perfect list for beginners wanting to make a lifestyle change, spice up their wardrobe, add to their delicious food recipes, and more. Whatever you're looking for, these gurus have your back with tons of helpful tricks, tips, trends, looks & hacks that will not only make waking up in the morning easier, but get you where you need to be faster and more fabulous than ever!

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most universal makeup artists on Youtube today. A Florida native, this blue-eyed wonder has created not only an incredibly successful name for herself, but her style as well. Strictly focusing on cosmetics, Jaclyn knows her way around every brand, tip & trick there is, and shoves it all into a short Youtube video. She keeps her channel light-hearted, helpful and to the point, but makes sure to pop a joke every once and a while!


Thinking bold or theatrical, rather than natural makeup looks? NikkieTutorials is the channel for you! Located in the Netherlands, Nikkie’s Youtube channels has reached viewers from all over the world for her BEYOND fantastic Halloween makeup looks and fierce & beautiful makeup tutorials. Even if you aren’t into makeup, her channel is a must see. She’s so sweet, creative, and fun to watch… You’ll be amazed by what she can do with a little eyeshadow and a brush!


What a fun duo these sisters are! Like the other two makeup feigns, Tracy and Stefanie are fun, creative sisters who’ve put together a YouTube channel to share their love for not only makeup, but lifestyle advice, latest fashion trends, DIY Projects and more. There are endless reasons to love them, so if you haven’t already, go check out these girls!

Ingrid Nilsen

Although still involved in makeup, Ingrid tends to lean more towards the general lifestyle side of our world. Just as quirky and sweet as the others, Ingrid always has a wide variety of tips to share to us. From cooking to holiday decorations, favorite skin care products to wardrobe hacks, Ingrid’s got everything you’ve ever wanted to know about when it comes to being a girl! She’s uplifting, educated, and crafty. Give her a go, you won't be disappointed!

Alexandrea Garza

All of you silky locked hair-lovers out there, this one’s for you! Alexandrea Garza specializes in THE BEST hairstyles out there! Although involved in other aspects of beauty as well, if you’re looking for a fresh and fierce new do, take a stroll through her channel and find a video that suits you. Whatever your hair type; long or short, straight or curly, she’s got the tips and tricks to keep your hair as and fine as ever. She’s makes sure the hairstyles are easy, fun, and of course, stylish!

Photo @jaclynhill

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