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Fall 2015: Anything Goes!

This year's fall fashion trends celebrate the eclectic atmosphere surrounding women's clothing and accessories. Anything a woman wants to wear and how she wants to wear it is finally in. From head to toe bold patterns, to tassels, to high neck collars, to peacoats, to a simple and clean white outfit, the fall fashion of 2015 has it all. So, it's time to pack away your mini skirts and halter tops, and pull out your pant suits and fur vests. Here's what you need to know about the fall fashion trends of 2015.

The Reoccurring Basics

There are a lot of fall basics making reappearances on the runways. These include the militaristic style of the peacoat. The perfect peacoat cinches in at the waist and flairs out to create an always flattering a-line silhouette. This is a fall to winter staple in any fashion forward closet.  Another fall fundamental that is making a comeback are boots. These are not just any boots. These are fur boots. These boots are equally fashionable as they are functional. Do NOT be afraid to bring them out.


Layers are a girl's best friend and this fall is all about layers. This is the season to be adventurous because it's not only about overlapping fabrics, it's also about combining patterns and silhouettes. To start off, try pairing a horizontal stripe top with a vertical striped cover up. If applicable, try incorporating a scarf or wrap that works with the stripes. If you are feeling even more daring, try layering with a patterned maxi dress, bringing pieces of your summer wardrobe into the fall.

Fashion Mashups

One trend that's occurring is the mashup of complete opposites. This is where the fashion concepts of hard and soft, light and dark, and big and little merge together to form a carefully put together look. This ranges from the cut of the clothing to the fabrics themselves. This season, try wearing a bodycon dress with a knee-length, loose-fitting sweater or coat. You get the figure enhancing look that comes with wearing a bodycon, but it won't be overly sexy for day-to-day wear. Add a pair of elegant flats to further enhance your mashup look. Or try wearing a single color chiffon button-down blouse with a lace detail and a tweed jacket over it. The combination the soft top and the hard jacket offers a professional, feminine look, while giving off a powerful, business presence. Remember, the key to the perfect fashion mashup is to give yourself a visible link that connects each component and combines them into one compelling look.

Going Back To School

This year's fall fashion is sending everyone back to school where cliques reigned supreme and in order to fit in, you had to look the part. The Gothic style is making a come back, along with all things nerd. This is the time of year where black leather and black lace pair romantically with each other. If the nerd persona is more your style, pull out you thick rimmed glasses and pair them with a bun and a wool collared blouse. The bohemian/ hippie look is transferring over from summer, but the colors are deeper, earthier tones of browns, oranges, and golds. In addition to that, fur vests are the go to match up to complete any bohemian ensemble.


The most adventurous fall trend of the season is the occurrence of head to toe white ensembles. White is not a popular trend for the fall fashion season, but this year, it made repeated appearances on the runways. So whether you want to black out your closet with your Gothic style or brighten up your style with some all white pieces, it is safe to say that the fall fashions of 2015 are all about finding and expressing yourself.

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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