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Glamourous Beauty: Conceal, Highlight, and Go!

Ashley Souza

Posted on September 20 2015

Tons of beauty blogs are devoted to lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara, but so few of us think about the secret workhouses of our beauty routines: highlighters and concealers. These are simple secrets that your independent beauty experts at Lotus Lashes are eager to help you make the most of this vital makeup tool!

Although many women shy away from using concealers and highlighters because they assume it will be too difficult to use, these tools are actually incredibly simple to use and are great for accenting the best features of any face.

Highlighting and concealing tools work most efficiently when used together. To begin, apply your regular base coat makeup. This may include sunscreen, moisturizer, primer, and/or liquid foundation, but wait on the powder. Next, use your concealing tool, stick or cream, in the dark spots and still noticeable imperfections on your face. Also apply liberally to dark circles under the eyes and to the edges of the nose and mouth in an upward motion. Make sure to tap to blend, don't rub.

After the last step, if you apply powder, do so now. The next step is to highlight the highest points of your face. Do this by using a white powder and brush or special highlighting stick, sparingly. This varies depending on facial shape and bone structure, but common areas to highlight are the brow bone, the ridge of the nose, and the center of the chin.

Be sure to remember when contouring, it is vital to blend properly, to ensure that a natural complexion is the final product. Have fun and experiment to see what shades work best for you!

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