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How to Contour For Your Face Shape

When you're putting together your look you want all the parts to come together into a gorgeous whole! Fantastic eyes are important, but you've also got to support them with all the other elements of your face makeup. 

And it starts with contouring. Your contouring will support the look you want and help balance out your natural face so it can look its very best! 

The key first step in contouring is to understand that you're working with a dark shade and a light shade. The dark shade will shadow and hide parts of your face while the light shade will highlight and enhance. To make any area look smaller you'll use the dark shade and to make any area look larger you'll use the highlighting light shade.

So here's how to contour based on the shape of your face for some common face shapes...


This is the shape that most people are trying to achieve so there's not much contouring you'll need to do. Maybe just emphasize your cheekbones with some dark color under the cheekbone.


To make a round face appear slimmer you can use your darker color along the sides of your face. You can also highlight the top of your forehead and chin for more lengthening.


You may have a long face that you wish were a little less oval! Here you'll contour along the jaw and at the temples to give the appearance of a rounder face.


A square face is similar to rectangle as you'll use contouring along the jaw to reduce sharp angles. You can also highlight directly on your chin.


A heart-shaped face is defined by a very prominent forehead. To minimize that you can contour the temple area while highlighting the chin and jawline to help bring the bottom part of your face out.

Don't be afraid to go heavy when applying your contouring! Start heavy and blend, blend, blend until you've got the shape you want!

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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