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Halloween Makeup for a Ghoulish Glam Look

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Halloween is coming up fast! What are you going to be? Halloween is a fun time for adults as well as kids. Kids are in it for the candy, adults are in to Halloween for the ability to dress up like something or someone else for a day, and the opportunity to feel like a kid again by dressing like a favorite superhero or Halloween character. Do not just dress up this year; go all out by creating the perfect Halloween makeup ghoulish glam look. Here are some costume/makeup ideas for this Halloween that are sure to sooth the glamour queen within:

Punk Witch – Dress up as a punk Witch that favors the glamour instead of the warts this year. Why? ‘Witch’ is a classic Halloween character and you can portray this character in so many ways without being scary and ugly. Dress in a black skirt, striped tights, a collared shirt, a tie, and a Witch hat. It helps to pick one color to go along with your black. You can dress in a black shirt, hat and skirt then use your color ‘like pink’ as the color in your tie, tights, and maybe even a streak of color in your hair. Now for the makeup:

  • Dark Lips – Use a dark red (or pink or purple) lipstick.
  • Eye Liner – You can add spider webs to your eyelids or just use some extra eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.
  • Smokey Eyeshadow
  • Long Lashes

Glam Cat

A black cat – what is more appropriate for Halloween? Because this is such a popular Halloween costume many people make some common mistakes with the cat makeup – for example many think it is cute to do a black nose with whiskers, but they make the mistake of covering the entire tip of the nose black. Here are some tips on how to do your makeup as a glam cat for Halloween without looking like a little kid:

  • Nose – It actually looks better if you only blacken a bit of the tip and the under part of the nose as shown here.
  • Whiskers – Try to make the whiskers look wispy, use black eyeliner and draw somewhat straight lines (starting between your nose and your mouth) that sort of fade and tilt at the end. Drawing exactly straight lines will make your whiskers look like claw marks.
  • Eyes – Do the classic Cat Eye using a black eye liner liquid or pencil like this. It is Halloween! Be more dramatic with a long black swooping line.
  • Freckles - Add a few cat freckles using your eyeliner.
  • Lipstick - Use red or black lipstick to finish your dramatic glam cat look.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is most recognizable (makeup wise) for her red lips and the gold band across her forehead with the red star in the middle. You can achieve this look with some of the following tips:

  • Lips – Red lipstick
  • Forehead – Use black, yellow (or gold), and red Halloween paint or makeup to draw the Wonder Woman band on your head. Use a picture like this to help you draw.
  • Eyeshadow – Use this as an example of something glamorous, dramatic, and fun you can do with your eyes as Wonder Woman.

Ghoulish Spider Webs

If you want to dress as a vampire, a spider woman, a Witch, or anything else involving dark Halloween themes why not dress up your face with some ghoulish (but glamorous) spider webs? Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Dainty - Keep it dainty by adding a tiny spider web to the corner of your eye like this. You can achieve this look by first drawing the straight lines from the corner of your eye with black eyeliner – it should look something like a pizza. Then add the swooped lines going in toward the eye. It helps to look at a picture.
  • Dramatic - Or make it more intense and turn your whole eye into a dramatic but glamorous spider web like this example.

Sassy Pirate

Get an eye-patch, a bandanna, some lipstick and eyeliner and you are all set to portray a Sassy Pirate for Halloween. Here are some things you can add to your pirate look:

  • Skull and Crossbones – Use some white Halloween paint and a black eyeliner pencil to draw and paint skull and crossbones on the side of your eye or your cheek like this.
  • Jewels – add some flair with body jewelry in the corner of your eyes along with some swirly eyeliner.

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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