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Tell Us About It Lashes

Ashley Souza

Posted on October 12 2015

kim kardashian false eyelashes lotus lashes

When we think of eyes what comes to mind straight off the bat? Lashes! Lashes!! Lashes!!! The eyes are the window to the soul and of course what better to open up an eye than with glamorous long lashes! Over the years time has shown us that makeup and style have been en vogue as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra. Immortalized by Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra was known for her dramatic eyes and exquisite clothing, though the charcoal used around the eyes of this queen and others was a necessity due to the desert conditions of Egypt.

From Cleopatra to the early age of film and the renowned makeup artist Max Factor, recognized for innovating the first false lashes which were sewn to actress Phyllis Haver's real eyelashes in the early 1900s. Factor's creation evolved and was then featured heavily in culture with models and actresses alike wearing lashes that would dramatically change their looks and create intrigue. Throughout the decade the lashes got bigger and the drama quotient upped.

The 1960s garnered many sets of false lashes and the ones that stand out most to us are the ones that belonged to Twiggy! She stands as a fashion icon to this day and those eyes of hers really make us sizzle! 

Beginning mid 2000s lashes have begun to take a stronger hold on the runways and the desire for fuller more dramatic eyes has come full circle. Women from Hollywood to Main St. are embracing the look of false lashes today to create a look that inspires confidence and glamour and we applaud them!

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