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Get the No Makeup Makeup Look with 5 Easy Products

Ashley Souza

Posted on October 24 2015

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With all of the YouTube tutorials, the endless onslaught of the latest makeup trends, and the never-ending Photoshopping, it is hard to find a natural look without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Makeup application has become a complicated and expensive procedure, when in reality, most of us just want to find a natural look for everyday wear. It needs to be simple. It needs to save time and money. Most importantly, it needs to look natural. Here's how to get the no makeup makeup look without feeling overwhelmed or breaking the bank. All you need are these five items.


Foundation is very important because it is the base for the rest of your look. When it comes to shopping for foundation, you need to pay attention to what works best with your skin type. This includes looking for products that comply with your skin color, tone, sensitivity, and oil levels. For example, if you have oily skin, skip over the liquid foundations and go for a powder. It will counteract your skin's oils and give your naturally shiny complexion a longer lasting matte look. If you can't find a foundation that matches your skin color exactly, go for the one that's closest to yours, but is slightly LIGHTER. This gives you the chance to apply and blend it to your neck and hairline without having your makeup look heavy. If you use a darker foundation, your complexion can come off as drab and shadowy. Even though you are going for a natural look, you still want to appear radiant and effortless.


Once you have your base, you want to apply a bronzer that is just a shade darker than your foundation. Apply this to the area just between the apples of your cheeks and your jawline. Working with the natural shadows of your face, the bronzer will enhance your bone structure without the complex applications of contouring makeup. Blending here is important because in order to achieve the no makeup look, you MUST get rid of any hard edges. Remember: blend OUT.


Applying blush is simple. Just smile, lightly apply to the apples of your cheeks, and blend out. This gives you a natural rosy look.

Eye Shadow

For the easy no makeup makeup, search for an eye shadow palette that already has the color combinations and application instructions for a natural look. You can follow the brand's recommendations for color placement or experiment yourself. Plus, a lot of sets have a shimmer to it, which will brighten your overall look.

Lip Gloss

The final touch is lip gloss. Lip gloss gives you a pop of shine that places your natural lip color in the spot light; there's no need for colored lipstick. With lip gloss and the other beauty products mentioned above, achieving the no makeup look is easier than ever.

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