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Hair Trends of Winter 2015

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Just because the snowy and cold months are soon upon us, doesn't mean your hair has to suffer.  Here are some winter 2015 hair trends for you to try, courtesy of an article posted on and originally from

  • The edgy pixie: Everyone knows about the innocent and sweet pixie cut.  Well, according to, it's innocence is being replaced with shaved sides and spikes.  If you're looking for an extreme change this winter and want to try it for yourself, this is what suggests you do:

Make sure your hair is damp and once that's done, spray it with a volumizing spray.  When you blow it dry, do so in many directions while using your fingers instead of a brush.  Apply a light hair wax all through your hair, then part it on one side.  Finally, flip your hair into the opposite direction.  You then have an edgy pixie.

  • The ruffled petite cut: While the edgy pixie is about showing your more daring side, the ruffled petite cut according to gives a more girly look to your short bob haircut with waves that look like (appropriately) ruffles.  To achieve the ruffled petite look this winter, suggests doing this:

Blow your hair dry going outwards, again using your fingers instead of a hairbrush.  Once dry, put a polishing wax in your hair that will help you to style each hair tendril the way you want it.  The more girly, the better.  The final result is hair full of ruffles.

  • The modern Farrah Fawcett: Inspired by the late Farrah Fawcett, this is a new twist on a classic, vintage look.  To get the Farrah look this winter, follow's directions:

Spray volumizing mist onto the roots of your hair, then blow it dry in a forward direction with your fingers, not a brush, until it's all the way dry.  Then smooth the hair out in all directions with a round brush, ending the process with some light hairspray.  You'll look like Farrah in no time.

  • The blunt midi cut: For those with a mid-length hairstyle, give this cut a try.  According to, it doesn't have any layers whatsoever.  This is your typical no-nonsense or bells and whistles style.  To achieve this haircut, says to:

Make sure your hair is wet and add straightening balm to it.  Then part your hair in the middle, make it a long part until you get to the top of the head.  Use a paddle brush to dry your hair and stop when you feel it's shiny and straight.  Then apply a serum to your hair and blow-dry it once more with the paddle brush.  The final result should be a straight hairstyle with no volume.  To put it bluntly, it's the blunt midi cut.

  • Full graduated layers: The final hair trend shows off for this winter is for those who have medium-length hair, not too long or short.  Like the ruffled petite cut, this also has short waves but the waves are more pronounced.  To give your hair this look for winter, follow these directions from

Apply both volumizing spray and frizz control cream to your hair.  Then using a hair diffuser, twist your hair inside it until it's fully dry.  Frame hair tendrils around your face with your fingers and add serum to them.

May your hair be healthy and happy this winter!

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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