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How to Bake Your Makeup

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You've heard of contouring, but now a new makeup trend is making its way to makeup artists everywhere. "Baking" is a technique that gives you a flawless complexion. The best part is - it's simple and only takes about ten minutes!

So what is baking and what does it have to do with your face? Just follow a few simple steps to get perfect skin:

1. Hydrate

Use lotion or cream around the eye area to hydrate your skin and minimize lines.

2. Conceal

Apply your favorite concealer (preferably a thick one) on the area right below your eyes. This will help get rid of pesky bags or puffiness that makeup usually doesn't cover.

3. Blend

Blend the concealer with a sponge to make the final look more natural. 

4. Lock it in

Repeat steps four and five to ensure great results. Make sure to blend well and don't leave any creases.

5. Set with powder

Using a translucent powder, dust over the concealer. This will set the makeup and let it "bake." To really set it, use a sponge and dab powder all over the concealed area.

6. Bake!

Wait about ten minutes. This time allows the makeup to set, and will leave you with a flawless finish. 

 7. Dust it off

Use a brush to dust away the powder. Then make sure to blend around the edges to get rid of any harsh lines. 

There you have it. Just a few minutes to perfect skin. Top it all off with Lotus Lashes for a glamorous look!

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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