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Top 5 Winter 2015 Beauty Trends

2015 winter beauty trends lotus lashes

As we kiss Summer goodbye and say hello to Winter, a change in our beauty arsenal happens as well. We pack up our bronzer and peach lip gloss and haul out our icy eye liners and cool berry lipsticks. Here are our favorite 2015 Winter beauty trends to get you inspired for the season!

Shiny Pouts

Across New York Fashion week, models from all designers were wearing a surprising amount of lip gloss. Bring out your favorite glosses and prepare to slather them on -- they're going to be hot this winter! We suggest picking out glosses that go two routes -- first, to nourish and keep your lips feeling great all Winter; second, ones that go with a lovely Winter color palette, like an icy pink, deep plum, or brown berry. 

Dark Waterlines

Black eyeliner is as in style as your little black dress, but this season you'll want to be lining your lower waterline with it. Consider keeping the line tight around your waterline and carrying it straight up across your top lids, or even creating a lower-lid smokey eye effect as seen at Victoria Beckham and Roberto Cavalli.

Barefaced Beauty

Winter is a great opportunity to go minimal in your makeup -- not only is there a good chance you'll be bundled up pretty ferociously anyway and wouldn't want to smudge things, but with extra beauty routines that require additional moisturizing and skin-tending, you'll want to avoid excess product that will dry your skin out. Focus on keeping your skin happy and healthy, maintaining your brows, and letting your lips pop with a pretty and natural-looking stain.

Think Pink

But before you reach for your favorite lipstick or blush, think of your eyes! Pink eye shadow, when used to create a smokey and sultry effect, is a surprising addition to the Winter lineup. Just be sure you choose a pink that works well with your skin, lest you look more like you have a cold than a fabulous sense of style. 

Let the Season Sparkle

It's hard to get away from all the glitter during the holidays, so be sure to go easy on this one. But a little bit of sparkle can make your look go a long way! Opt for a touch of bling in your lip gloss, or a shimmery eye shadow that can glide over your lids. This is even better if you work it in with a slightly unconventional color, such as teal -- another great choice this season. 

What do you think -- will you be trying any of these looks this season? Let us know in the comments!

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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