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Lose Weight In Minutes: How To Contour Your face

Ashley Souza

Posted on January 04 2016

how to contour your face to make it look slimmer

Contouring your face will give you the illusion that you've lost weight in just a couple of minutes. Contouring uses the power of shadows using dark and lighter shades to hide and accentuate certain aspects of your face. If you've seen a particularly thin face, then you may notice that it has a strong jawline and accentuated cheeks. You can create this look with the power of makeup. It's important to start with a clean canvas. Wash, tone, and apply your favorite moisturizer or primer before you apply makeup.

What you should use to contour your face: Cream concealers are highly versatile and easy to use to contour the face. Cream concealers usually come in a palette, fitting different skin tones and skin shades. You can then seal your work with a translucent setting powder, or a powder of the same color. This is particularly effective for oily skin types or hot summer months. You may not need or want to put powder on top of your cream concealer during harsh winters or if you have particularly dry skin.

Contouring the nose: Apply a cream concealer or foundation that is about a shade darker than your skin tone along the sides of your nose. Apply a lighter shade as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose, making sure to blend it towards your forehead. This gives the illusion of a higher bridge and a more defined nose.

Contour the sides of your face for a smaller forehead: Pick up a darker color and sweep it along the sides and temples of your head. This will make your forehead appear smaller. Blend the cream foundation towards the hairline.

Contour the cheeks: Use your fingers to feel the muscles and bones along your face. You will find a bone that juts out slightly right at your cheekbones. You want to apply darker concealer color right underneath this bone, and a lighter concealer color right on top of it. Do not go farther than two shades. Make sure to blend the light and dark colors with a thick makeup brush, like a kabuki face brush. You do not want to have visible lines on your face.

Sparingly use a powder highlighter: Apply a light application of highlighter along the bridge of your nose and the forehead. You can also finish the look by applying a powder blush on your cheeks.

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