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How Our Lotus Lashes are Made

how our lotus lashes are made

Whether you're new to Lotus Lashes or have been in love with them since 2015, many people ask how our Lotus Lashes are made?

It's a question we love to answer! Our lashes...

Are Made with Science

Our luxury lashes begin with the choice to choose natural products over synthetic ones. Synthetic lashes are not only heavier than natural ones, but are more uncomfortable (due to bulk), and can cause numerous allergic reactions as they are not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Our Lotus Lashes are lightweight, comfortable, and always safe for those with sensitive eyes -- we'll never treat them with chemicals, so you can be sure that when you get them, you're good to go.

Are Made with Love

The choice to use natural mink can come with controversy - - that's why we only harvest fur once it's naturally been shed during a mink's normal shedding season, We take great pride in our mink lashes being 100% cruelty-free -- and we know you do, too. Each set is then handmade so a high-level of care is placed into each and every set we create.

Are Made with Dedication

We're located in Henderson, Nevada and have been i the false eyelashes business since 2008. We're dedicated to producing a product we love and stand behind; and to giving you year after year of amazingly high-quality lashes.

Are Made with Longevity

While some false eyelashes can be worn around 4 times, our Luxury Lashes can be worn a stunning 25 times! By using a comfortable and sturdy cotton band to adhere each mink hair, our lashes gain more longevity than simply using a plastic or nylon lash band. 

Have you got questions? We've got answers! We'd love to hear from you -- let us know if you have thoughts or ideas in the comments, or get up with us on Twitter!


Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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