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Taking Care of Your Skin with These 5 Winter Tips

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In the harsh Winter wonderland, our skin tends to suffer. A lack of moisture in the air brings about itchy and aggravatingly dry skin, which if gone untreated can crack and bleed. Our lips suffer, too -- they dry and crack, losing their luxurious softness and kissability. From our face down to our toes, skin care becomes a top priority in Winter.

Fortunately, it's something you can easily tackle with these 5 Winter tips!

Get Combative with Your Moisturizer

Whatever body lotion you chose, be sure it's one that harnesses the power of salicylic acid. We know! "Acid!? On my skin!?" We promise that salicylic acid is incredibly important for buffing away the dead skin cells that tend to linger on our skin, irritating hair follicles and increasing the red bumps that come along with dryness. Nearly every over the counter brand has a line that includes salicylic acid, so read the label of your favorite moisturizer and find the one that you need this Winter.

Put Mother Nature on Your Side

Pick up a few shower scrubs that pull together some of nature's most hard-hitting, Winter-combating ingredients -- namely, sugar and honey. Sugar works as a gentle exfoliant as well as improving circulation while honey helps to reduce inflammation. You can also try making your own batch! We love this recipe from Thank Your Body -- the added Vitamin E makes it especially great for fighting that dry Winter skin.

Keep Your Shower Power to a Limit

Whether you shower at night or first thing in the morning, we know how hard it is to resist staying in a steamy hot shower for as long as possible. The downside to this? All that hot water makes gives your skin a beating. Our outermost layer of skin cells -- the ones doing the work of keeping our skin moisturized and healthy -- get stripped away in hot showers, leaving our skin vulnerable and dry. Keep showers short, and try to lower the temperature to somewhere on the cooler end. You may even find some surprising benefits to taking cooler showers in general.

Smother Your Face in Suncare

With the exception of our Southern hemisphere readers, we know that none of you will be spending this Winter lounging pool-side. But here's the thing -- the sun doesn't take a break in Winter (if anything, its force is actually more powerful this time of year). And in areas where more snowfall is experienced, the sun actually becomes harsher as its rays bounce off all that brilliant white and straight back onto your face. Look specifically for sunscreens that are oil-based rather than water-based, as they'll help form a protective layer on your skin. And don't forget your lips! There are plenty of lip balms that now carry UV-blocking salves.

Know Which Wet is Best

There are some forms of moisture that are your friends this Winter -- and some which will just make your season miserable. Making the air in your home or office more humid, for example -- a great choice! A humidifier works to re-hydrate the surrounding air, leading to skin that can breathe a little easier (and you breathing easier, too -- lungs need moisture as well!) But wet gloves and socks? Toss 'em. If you know you'll be outside for long periods of time and likely dealing with the environments, choose socks made from synthetic wool that will help keep your feet dry -- ditto for gloves. Wet socks and gloves can easily irritate your skin, leading to rashes, dryness, and cracking.

Let us know what you think of these Winter beauty tips in the comments! What are your favorite skin care tips for beating the Winter beast?

Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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