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A Beat Face That's Balanced: Complementing Volumious False Lashes


If there's one thing to know about false lashes, it's that there's certainly a pair for every makeup look. The choice you make in your lashes' style can make you feel flirty, posh, and daring. But as volume of the lash increases, so does your makeup statement. To balance your face and avoid an overdone makeup tragedy, here is one specific way to let your eyes rock their own look while not having to compete with strong eye-makeup. 

Foundation and Contour

If you've chosen to go with a high volume lash, take a moment to consider how you could prepare your lids without eyeshadow for the day. Black eyeshadow on it's own can create a smoldering, sexy eye. Treat your thick, shapely pair of lashes like black eyeshadow. Alone, these lashes will effectively give you prominent and striking eyes -- minus the need for a palette.

Start with your typical foundation routine. Leave your eyes to be done last for this look. After application of your foundation, apply eyeshadow primer to your lids. Now with the same foundation, take a foundation brush and begin applying the product below the bottom of your brow, moving the brush from the start of the under-brow to the end. When you're satisfied with the straightness of your underlining, take the excess foundation off the brush by patting/swiping it onto your lid. Now, with a cosmetic sponge, simply dab the product across the rest of your lid to evenly apply and blend into the rest of your makeup. 

Once you've blended, be sure to set the eye with a translucent powder. This'll take care of excess foundation that will otherwise crease. To finish the look, take a powder bronzer of your choice and with a small rounded brush circularly apply the color into the innermost corner of your eye next to your nose, and pull upwards towards your brow. This will add depth and warmth to your eye.

It may seem basic, but your balanced look is now done! With a contoured lid and a base of your own face foundation, your statement lashes have the natural, deep eye setting that will allow them to do the talking all day, without the worry of a heavy eyeshadow interrupting.

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Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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