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A modern twist for brunnette: Chocolate mauve hair color

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 24 2017


2017 is the a year of daring hair color trends. Thanks to New York hairstylist Hannah Edelman using the balayage technique to create the latest new trend chocolate mauve hair color - this deliciously named trend is catching our attention and warming our beauty spirits! The stunning tones of opulent browns and cool pinks gracefully proves to be a winning combo for darker hair to create a custom color. 

Hannah used the balayage technique for two reasons, to help paint the lighter hues and tones of the warm rose pinks into the naturally rich brunette hair color of her client and to keep the hair color low maintenance and radiant. Leaving the roots as its natural color gives minimizes the risk of chemical damage. For keeping the hair moisturized and ensuring that the color shines, use an oil as an overnight treatment and wash it out in the morning.

For longer results, Hannah recommends using sulfate-free and color-safe products, and minimizing the number of washes in order to keep the hair vibrant and healthly. The chocolate mauve hair grants us that perfect marriage of iridescent tones that blend harmoniously with rich darker natural hues without the stress and damage of extensive bleaching treatments and adding of bright colors.

While the color is complex, the overall look is warm, strong, yet feminine, making it a customizable look to fit any style.

Aside from the fact that this hair trend is stunning, the fact that it is even mildly related to chocolate, makes us want to swoon over it more!

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