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Always look picture perfect with Lotus Lashes!

always look picture perfect with lotus mink lashes

These days people walk around snapping photos everywhere they go, taking pictures during shopping, parties, family gatherings, dinner dates, and just plain goofing off. Everyone wants to capture memories, those moments we never want to forget. It's natural to worry about looking camera ready all of the time, but there is no need to worry any longer. Popping on a pair of Lotus Lashes is the simplest of solutions in adding a bit of glamour to everyday life! Lashes do wonders to make eyes stand out, highlighting a person's natural eye color and shape. Lotus Lashes come in four different volume choices, and a variety of lengths and textures so you can choose the best pair to compliment any occasion!

1. Light Volume Lashes

For every day use try using the light volume lashes. There is no reason you shouldn't feel radiant while snapping those selfies out at the park, or under a mountain of paperwork in the office. They are light enough to blend with your regular lashes while adding some extra volume to compliment your natural beauty!

2. Medium Volume Lashes

Have a long day with the promise of some well-documented, after work fun? Make transitioning from day to night simple by using the medium volume lash. They are the perfect answer for dressing up without feeling overdone while adding a bit of pizzazz!

3. High Volume Lashes

Want to look dazzling in those images from last night? For those special evenings out with friends, or a romantic date where you want to really impress, the high volume lashes give the perfect pop of glamour you're looking for.

4. Ultra Fluffy

Are you the type who enjoys making a truly bold statement? If you're going for the ultra sexy, sultry, and utterly intense, try the ultra fluffy lashes for an unforgettably dramatic look. With these lashes you will feel fashionable for even the most unforeseen camera moments.

Never worry about being camera ready again. Let Lotus Lashes place the focus on the most mesmerizing of features, your gorgeous eyes!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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