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Beauty Conventions: What Are They?

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on January 02 2019

what are beauty conventions lotus lashes

You've probably heard of beauty conventions before from YouTubers or Instagram stars. But what exactly are they? What do you even do at one? Do you have to be a professional make-up artist to go?

It can sound intimidating; a room full of experts and celebrities with years of experience. 

No, you don't have to be a professional or have millions of Instagram followers to attend(although a million followers would be nice, right?). Some conventions even offer classes!

For example, the International Beauty Show offers over 100 different classes, ranging from hair dying to learning to do a perfect manicure. 

At BeautyCon, you can see your favorite Instagram and YouTube gurus, and sometimes even celebrities! Orange is The New Black's Danielle Brooks and beauty blogger Ty Alexander opened this year's convention with a panel about self-love. 

"For the longest, I've been ashamed of my tummy, and my stretch marks," Danielle Brooks said. "Instead of taking so much time to nitpick at myself in the mirror, I decided you know what? I'm going to turn that around." 

BeautyCon's mission is "... to challenge traditional standards and redefine what beauty means". Other celebs like Paris Hilton and Laverne Cox also made an appearance to discuss body image

Another convention called International Make Up Artists Trade Show, or IMATS, is a little different. It's focused more on creativity, and on make-up in TV and film. At IMATS, you can watch friendly competition between students, learn from experts, and even walk through the Make-up Museum which features props and make up from movies. 

According to their website, you can watch demonstrations by pros who have won awards like BAFTAs and even Oscars!

The idea of most beauty conventions is not to compete, but rather lift others up and celebrate every kind of beauty and creativity. These conventions aren't just for the pros. You don't have to fit a specific stereotype to fit in; they're meant to be a positive atmosphere for anyone who loves make-up! So get out there, and find a convention near you- you won't regret it!

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