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beauty trend strobing lotus lashes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on July 14 2018

beauty trend strobing lotus lashes

Bone structure has been the focus of fashionable makeup for quite a while. Several years ago, the Kardashian sisters brought back contouring to the biggest point since the 1970s. As soon as Kim started carving with cosmetics those sophisticated cheekbones and jawlines, taupe and matte brown powders exploded onto the market. Special angled brushes became available, the better to find and shade those hollows. Ultra matte consistencies were formulated, as matte colors tend to recede.

Then, the other side of the bone ridge got attention: highlighters became all the rage. Makeup counters were filled with ivory shimmer creams. Light tends to optically pop things out.

Now, whether it's the holidays coming up or a sense of fantasy brought out by popular science fiction movies and television series, a more glamorous enhancement technique has come into mode: strobing. This is a way of treating the skin to look like light strobes are brightening it up.

Strobing requires a thoughtful choice of products: it's all about light, not glitter. To that effect, the makeup colors used for strobing are sheer, wet and often opalescent, with a white undertone. There's a slew of unusual products on the market now, including clear balms, micro-pearl creamy sticks and powders that seem more like highlighting eye shadows.

You will need to get adept with new tools and different application techniques to achieve a glossy or glowing appearance -- not a greasy one. First, you'll want each layer to dry before adding the next: this will prevent pilling. Feel free to top a balm with a shiny powder, for multi-dimensional glow. Consider using your fingers for moist products, to press into your skin. Use a light, variegated fan brush for opalescent powders.

Give setting sprays a try to keep your artistry in place. After all, once you've created that halo-like look, you want it to stay put!

Photo credit caitlynmichelle.com

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