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Choosing the Perfect Lotus Lashes For Your Eye Shape

the perfect lotus lashes for your eye shape no. 99 3d mink lashes

If the past few years are any indication, faux lashes have stepped out to the fashion forefront! Once a makeup statement reserved for special occasions, faux lashes are now suitable for everyday wear. But with all the shapes and styles of lashes offered, how do you know which ones will give your peepers the pop you're looking for? Let us help you find your perfect pair!

Almond Shaped Eyes 

If you have almond shaped eyes (Think Beyonce or Angelina Jolie), congratulations! Your versatile eye shape lends itself to a wide variety of lash shapes and styles. For a daytime look, try our No. 102 Light Volume Lashes. Featuring lashes with an equal disbursement of length across the eye, this pair is perfect for showcasing that iconic almond shape.

Want to glam it up for that much-needed night out? Our No. 217 High Volume Lashes are legendary! With a crisscross design and a tapered length, these are the lashes are an essential part of any ultra-glam girl's tool kit.

Round Eyes

Can you see most of your iris? You're my round eyed girl! Think of treating your round eyes similarly to the way you'd treat other round parts of your anatomy...lift and accentuate! Show off your best assets by choosing lashes with curl to add lift and highlight your eyes' sexy top curve. The one caveat? Avoid anything with too much volume which will make those big round peepers appear smaller. Round eyed beauties can't go wrong with our No. 99 Medium Volume Lashes, which combine a natural look with just the right touch of fullness. 

Hooded Eyes

If a crease prevents your eyelid from being visible when your eye is open, then you and Jennifer Lawrence have something in common--hooded eyes! Hooded eyes need length in the middle of the lash to make them really stand out. Our No. 68 Medium Volume Lashes were tailor made with you ladies in mind! Tapered toward the ends and elongated in the center, these lashes give hooded eyes that highly sought-after pop.

Monolid Eyes

Where are my monolid girls at?! While many other girls can be intimidated by the ultra-fluffy look, because of your beautifully shaped eyes, you don't need to shy away! In this case, doubling down on volume, as opposed to length, is key. Our No. 109 Medium Volume Lashes, a best-seller in our 3D Ultra-Fluffy Collection, is your perfect pair. There's a reason we can't keep these in stock! (Yes, they're THAT good!)

Close Set Eyes

Is the space between your eyes shorter than one eye's width? If so, you've got close set eyes! (And with ladies like Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama in the same camp, you're in good company!) The trick to creating space is to focus on accentuating the outer corners of each eye. Our No. 151 Medium Volume Lashes do just that, elongating and lifting for that coveted winged look. 


Still not sure? We are always happy to help you create the look you want. Ask questions! Comment with your experiences! We love hearing from our customers!

Photo Medium Volume No. 99

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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