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Contouring & Highlighting: The Latest Trend in Makeup

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Throughout the years, many trends have taken the world of makeup by storm, but as many trends do, they come and go. But at the peak of a makeup trend, everybody wants to do the latest to make themselves look as gorgeous and as glamorous as possible. One of the latest trends at the moment that pretty much every makeup-guru is doing now is contouring and highlighting

Contouring and highlighting has become a very important step in many a makeup regimen. Once you've moisturized and primed your face, and after you have put your foundations and concealers and setting powders, it's when the real magic happens.

You see, with contour and highlight, you are accentuating certain areas of your face, and when done correctly, can change your face entirely. It all depends on where you place your contour and highlight. To make you face appear more thin and defined, many place a contour shade on the hollows of the cheeks, going from in front of the ear down to where dimples would be. This chisels out the cheek, making one's face look more sculpted. Some stop there, while others do a bit more to complete the look. They'll add some at the hairline in the temple area and at the top of the forehead. They'll even put a little under the jaw area, making that area look more carved out. To make one's nose appear more chiseled, they'll blend some on either side of the nose, on the sides of the bridge.

Now when it comes to highlighting, there are a few places that if you apply highlighter to that area, you'll see a noticeable difference. Usually applied to the upper part of the apples of the cheeks, just below the eye, it gives your eyes more of a widened appearance. To achieve an even better effect, dab a little on the tip of your nose and on your cupid's bow (the curve on your upper lip in the middle).

Contours and highlighters also come in two ways - cream or powder. I've noticed many will use cream, and them go over it with the powder version just for a little extra staying power. I myself prefer powder. To me, it just blends so much better and is more versatile. 

There are so many tutorials out nowadays that show the many ways you can apply contour and highlight. If you're interested in adding this to your makeup regimen, I suggest taking to YouTube and learning all you can. And for more on makeup, beauty, lashes, and more, feel free to contact us for all your beauty inquiries!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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