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Easy Beautiful Eyelashes for the (Slightly) Clumsy Girl

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 16 2017


How to for false eyelashes lotus lashes

Let's be honest - we all love to look our best!  We take time to choose just the right outfit, contour, bake, and highlight our faces to perfection, draw the perfect cat eye-line... then many of us stop short before applying faux lashes.

It's not that we don't want to wear them! After all, we've seen how lashes can make your eyes pop like no other product can!  We're just a little nervous sometimes.  

Don't be afraid!  Even if you tend to be a little awkward with beauty products, you too can master the art of the lash by following five simple steps.

"How To" For False Eyelashes:

1.) Choose the right lash.  When deciding which lashes to wear, consider the look that you are going for.  Want a bold look?  A large lash like Lotus High Volume or Ultra Fluffy could be just the thing for you.  Looking for more of a natural, everyday lash?  Check out Lotus Light Volume lashes! There is literally a lash type for anybody who wants to wear them. 

 2.) Gently remove them from the packaging.  You've chosen the perfect pair of lashes and you don't want to damage them before you even put them on!  It's worth it to take a few extra seconds to carefully loosen the adhesive hold that the strip has on the packaging. Use tweezers to lift one end from the tray first, and your new lashes will thank you later.  

3.)  Try them on for size.  Sometimes the strip is a little longer or shorter than the width of your eyelid. Without adding any glue, hold the lash strip up to your eyelid (long lashes go on the outside, shorter lashes toward the inside) to see where to place them.  If the lashes on the inside corner poke you in the sides of your nose, you should move the strip further toward the outside of the eye.  If the strip extends past your eyelid, trim that portion.  If you need to mark where your lash strip should begin, put a tiny dot on your eyelid with an eyeliner pencil.

4.) Be conservative with the glue.  Use as little as you can get away with.  You need just enough glue on the strip to get it to adhere, and no extra.  Not only is excess glue unsightly, but too much glue can lengthen application time by adding extra time to dry to avoid slippage of a "too wet" lash strip.  In this situation, less is more.

5.)  Take your time!  Some like to use their fingers and others prefer tweezers or eyelash applicators.  Whichever method you choose, be deliberate. Fear of the adhesive drying too soon can often cause the rushing that leads to misapplication.  Starting from the inside corner of the eye, take the time to apply it exactly where you want it so that you don't have to start over.

You now have the keys to the kingdom. Enjoy the regal glamour of your new lashes!

(Photo: Yariszbeth Lash)

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