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Enhancing Your Eyebrows

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Today's eyebrows are full,bold, and well-groomed. They help balance out your features, and how you groom them can make the difference between looking messy and unkempt or natural and pulled together. Your brows can beautifully flatter your face if you know how to address their shortcomings and enhance their natural shape! That said, there are several great eyebrow products available in today's market to help you to do just that.

Let's begin with one of the most common eyebrow problems: sparse or thin brows. The goal is to fill them in without making them look like you've filled them in. How best to achieve a natural look? One way is to use one of the new brush-on products that contain tiny fibers that mimic the look of hair. They tend to stay put and look natural, even close-up. One caveat: They won't look natural if the color doesn't blend with your brows' natural color! A good general rule of thumb is to use a shade lighter than your own color, or use one that closely matches your own brow color along with a slightly lighter color. Apply the lighter color long the top of the brow and the darker shade at the bottom. And don't forget the end of the brow -- that's the part that frames the eyes! A good eyebrow pencil can also work. Be sure to use short strokes to mimic the look of hair. Again, for the most natural-looking result, go a shade lighter or blend two colors as explained above. Many make up artists swear by powders, which look less harsh than pencils and blend well. If you really like a pencil, try to use a more powdery one as opposed to a waxy-textured one.

Unruly eyebrows are another common problem. The best solution is a gel. Here's how to use it: Start in the middle of the brow and brush the hair straight up, then pull the end of the brow (the tail) outward.

Finally, when grooming your brows, watch the arch -- it should be angled and rectangular, not rounded. And if the arch is too high, it makes you look angry, and nobody wants that! Also, make sure your brows are starting at the right point; the brow should start at the mid-point of the nostril below it. Follow these makeup artist-approved tips and you'll love the way your brows look!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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