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Everyday Dry Shampoo for Everyone

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on April 11 2019

dry shampoo for everyone lotus lashes

Dry shampoo is a quick and easy way to revitalize flat and limp hair. Even for those with curly hair, dry shampoo can also work to revive your hairstyle after a long day. With several quick spritzes of dry shampoo, your hair will look fresher - and all without a lot of time, water, and regular shampoo.

Dry shampoo can come in the form of sprays, foams, powders or pastes. Applied to the hair roots, dry shampoos boosts volume, eliminates extra oil, and adds "grip" to your hair. Using dry shampoo too many days in a row without a thorough cleaning can actually build up residue and may make your hair flatter than before. Another tip from professional hairstyles is to hold the spray at least six inches away from the roots. This helps to distribute the dry shampoo even. Never ever use dry shampoo on damp or wet hair.

But what makes for a good dry shampoo? Well, that depends on your hair and skin type. Like colors, there are many types of dry shampoos to be found.


Most dry shampoos come as a spray. Once applied to the roots of hair, the shampoo absorbs oil and is usually odor free. These types of dry shampoos must be worked through the hair in order to have some effect. Otherwise, leaving it on the roots can cause the hair to look gray or white. This is the residue of dry shampoo. Depending on your budget, spray dry shampoos can cost from $6 a can to about $15.

Clear Sprays

These types of dry shampoos use cornstarch or extracts from cedar bark to get the job done. It works the same as traditional spray dry shampoos but can leave hair with a different type of texture. Clear dry shampoos seem to cost more at a base price point of $20 to $35, depending on the brand.

Dark Sprays

For those with darker hair, using dry shampoos can leave a powdery residue that can be irritating to work out. More companies have dry shampoos that do not leave that white residue. Like the clear sprays, however, the dry shampoos for brunettes can be pricier and can cost anywhere from $20 to $25.

Loose Dry Shampoo

Using loose dry shampoo for the first time can be intimidating, nothing can be further from the truth. Shake a little bit of the shampoo onto the roots and then massage into the hair, like other dry shampoos. Some believe that loose shampoo gives a person more control over how much product is used and where it is applied. Another advantage of a loose shampoo is for those who can be sensitive to odors, which spray dry shampoos can have. Prices can range from $21 to $34.

Paste Dry Shampoo

Paste shampoos not only can clean hair but can be used to style hair with some hold. While not often found in most places, paste dry shampoo can be interesting to try if you have the money.

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