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Eye Makeup Expiration Dates

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on June 02 2019


Mascara & Eyeshadow & Eyeliner... oh my!

Okay - so these makeup products are not as scary as lions or tigers, we will admit. However, without being aware of their shelf-life and expiration, they could potentially cause damage to your eyes and vision. We want to make sure you can enjoy your beauty products while keeping those eyes safe at the same time. Below we have included some important tips and guidelines to always follow, as well as the general expiration dates for common eye makeup.

Useful Tips to Always Remember

  • Do not share makeup (especially eye makeup).
  • If you have experienced any eye infections lately, repurchase and replace your eye makeup so you do not end up reinfecting yourself.
  • Avoid storing your makeup in the bathroom if possible. Bathrooms contain a lot of bacteria and the moisture in the air from a hot shower can actually deteriorate your products quicker.
  • CHECK YOUR PRODUCTS: That's right, there are actually expiration dates on most makeup products. Look for a small graphic of a container (or jar with the lid off). Inside the picture, it will say "12M" or "6M" or whatever the recommended disposal time frame is. This is an extremely useful tip to ensure you are disposing of products when you should be!

Liquid Eyeliner

Replace every 6 months. Out of every eyeliner type on the market, liquid eyeliners are the least sanitary. Whether it is in pen form or in a bottle with a small brush, the liquid is constantly holding onto bacteria and gaining new bacteria after each use.

Traditional Pencil Eyeliner

Replace every 24 months. Because this type of eyeliner requires sharpening, it is losing a layer of old product each time you sharpen it. The fresh product is sanitary and untouched.


Replace every 6 months. Each time you use your mascara, new bacteria is entering the tube. It may seem like a "waste" to keep repurchasing mascara every six months, but you really can't put a price on your eyes and we want them to stay healthy!

Cream & Powder Eyeshadow

Replace every 12 months. This probably seems outrageous seeing as many of us can't even finish an entire single eyeshadow (or palette) in a single year. Powder products hold on to bacteria just as much as cream products, and especially if you apply your makeup with the same tools each day.


Replace every 6 months. This cream product is constantly near our eyes and whether you are using a stick product or creamy liquid concealer, these products need to be replaced in the appropriate time frame!


Just remember to always consider the expiration date of eye makeup products, and you will be good to go!!

Photo credit harpersbazaar.com

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