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Finding the best lashes for almond shaped eyes

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Almond shaped eyes are beautiful, sexy, and actually one of the most common shapes around. While they are often enhanced with the correct swoop of eyeliner, or with the dusting of appropriate shadow, lashes are a favorite in accentuating the beauty of the eye.

As luck would have it, those who have naturally almond shaped peepers can sport basically any type of lash with great success. It can be difficult deciding on a lash when there are so many options. Some lashes are thin, while other are thick; some lashes start off short, grow long in the center, and taper off a the ends. It's important to pay attention to the shape of the lashes before choosing the perfect ones for the look you're seeking. 

Almond eyes are versatile and can handle many shapes, and thicknesses; however, the best lash to truly enhance the almond shape are those that become thicker, and extend or fan out at the ends. For instance, these medium length lashes measure at 4 mm at the inner corner, and 11 mm at the outer corner.  To really dial-up the drama you can go for a thicker lash with even longer ends such as the No.47 high volume, which measures 5 mm at the inner corner and lengthen to 13 mm at the outer!

If your eyes aren't almond shaped, but you want to create the illusion of almond eyes the process is simple! While liner can go great lengths to create a different eye shape, lashes work in a similar fashion. The secret is in the selection and application of the lashes. Again, choosing a lash that are longer at the ends is the perfect choice for elongating one's eye. When it comes to applying a lash to make an eye appear to have an almond shape is to not follow the line of your natural lash.

When applying the lash do not follow your natural lash all the way to the outer end. Doing so will only enhance your natural shape. Instead, after you've adhered the lash through the middle section, glue the outer end a couple of millimeters above where your real lashes end. This will give a more cat-like illusion as the lashes extend out instead of down. Any blank space between your natural lash and where you've glued the false ones  at the end can be filled in with liner or shaded with a dark shadow to compete the look! 

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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