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Four Reasons We're Obsessed With Strobing!


With each new season comes a new way enhance our facial features, and we spent last year contouring, baking, and tontouring our way to sculpted perfection. This year, the crazy strobing technique is lighting the way towards brighter, glowing skin! This is why you need to start strobing right away:

1. Strobing is one of the easiest makeup techniques out there!

Forget multiple step tutorials and long YouTube videos! To strobe your face, apply a shimmery highlighter to areas the light naturally hits your face. This should always include the top of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and right under your eyebrow arch. Don't be afraid to highlight your Cupid's Bow, the inner corners of your eyes and the center of your forehead for extra glow! 

2. Ditch the big palette! Strobing requires one product for effortless glow.

We all hit that point where contouring required too many pieces to achieve one look: creams, powders, sticks... our makeup bags couldn't hold anymore! Strobing only requires one highlighter or be applied to any or all of the areas listed above. Strobe with a champagne tone to bring out your inner Grecian Goddess or a rose-gold to Rosé All Day! 

3. Strobing helps you look fresh and younger!

Often described as "dewy" or "glowing," strobed faces reflect the look of youthful and moisturized skin. Since strobing ditches the caking of powders and creams, it also decreases the chances of makeup settling into fine lines in the skin. Nothing looks as fresh as a strobed face, a pale-pink lip, and a natural set of lashes!

4. Strobing accents your sexiest features!

Some makeup trends place too much emphasis on changing the look we were born with. Instead of hiding our skin, strobing lets us draw the focus to where we want it. Whether it's our perfect pout or alluring eyes, strobing let's our beautiful features shine through! 

Happy strobing, lovelies!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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