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Fun Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on June 29 2017

fun ideas for a summer wedding 2017 lotus lashes bridal

Wedding season is here, and if you're looking for fun summer wedding ideas, look no further! 2017 is signaling a change in the status quo, and the old rules no longer apply. Brides and grooms all over are doing new and exciting things for their nuptials. Check out this list for some great ideas for creating the perfect summer wedding!

Beauty and the Beach:

Weddings are no longer relegated to the inside of a church or banquet hall. Instead, brides and grooms are taking their wedding parties beach side! Create a chic and simple wedding on the beach with string lights, clam shell accents and a sea-oriented motif. Gauzy tenting and candles can create a warm, romantic setting, and make a splash with colorful table arrangements.  

The Eyes Have It:

No longer are brides expected to sport neutral and boring looks for the eyes. A summer wedding can pop with a lot of color and a bit of glam with full, luscious lashes, playful hues and a little shimmer. Makeup enthusiasts all over are going ga-ga for shadows in yellow, green, blue and aquamarine. The key to pulling off this look is blending, finding a color that matches the undertones in your skin and of course, confidence!

The Cocktail Hour:

Make your wedding festive and fun with a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Show your guests your savoir faire with inspiring and interesting cocktail names. You can create conversations pieces with ornate shot glasses, cups made from coconuts or drinks that can even be served in carved ice. 

Dance the Night Away:

No wedding is complete without music and dancing. Compile a list of great music and encourage guests to mix and mingle. Be sure to have plenty of space for a dance floor and a set up a nice, cool temperature or fans so guests can stay cool while they boogie down.

Ice Cream Dreams:

Make your wedding sizzle with a variety of cool ice cream desserts for guests to enjoy. Choose flavors that are not only pleasing to the eye, but the palate as well. You can also jazz up this iconic treat with monogrammed cookies or wafers. Guests (and you!) will enjoy a summer staple with a nuanced and grown up twist!


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