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Hooded tips: the best Lotus Lashes for hooded eyes


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There's not a lot of love out there for the girls with hooded eyelids. Search YouTube, and all of the tutorials are by wonderful and talented makeup artists... who do not have hooded eyes. On top of that, false lash guides for hooded eyes are even more sparse, if they even exist at all. Well, we're going to put an end to that right here and now! We've asked girls with hooded eyes for their real tips on finding the best false lashes out there. Here's what we found, along with our recommendation for the best Lotus Lashes for hooded eyes.

Start light. If you have hooded eyes, chances are that your natural lashes don't make much of an appearance hidden under that heavy fold. Your best bet is to start with a lighter volume false lash; that way, your lashes will still look believable.

Don't go short. While you want your lashes to have a more natural look, you don't want them too short! This is especially important the heavier your hood is, as the hood takes up eye space. You're going to want lashes that go beyond the hood, and not just peek out a bit.

Keep it even. The alternating lash length is a flirty choice for some eye types, but the shorter lashes in a pair of falsies like that are going to get lost beneath the hood. As we said before, we want the lashes to look natural, but we still want them to be seen. Opt for a lash with fairly even volume and lash length throughout.

With these tips in mind, the best pair of falsies for a hooded eye would be the No. 116 Light Volume mink eyelashes. With light volume and an even lash length that isn't too short, this is the best choice for a hooded eye. Of course, every hood is different, so if these don't work for you, take these tips and shop around our site for the best lashes for you!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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