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How To Grow Long, Thick, Beautiful Eyelashes

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Let's face it, we all dream of having naturally long, thick, and beautiful lashes. Due to circumstances such as normal wear and tear, aging, poor makeup habits, etc.; it is almost impossible to maintain naturally thick eyelashes. The dream of having thick beautiful lashes is finally within reach. We are going to explore ways to grow and maintain your eyelashes.

The main causes of thinning eyelashes are:

  • Poor Makeup Habits
  • Medications
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Vitamin Deficiency

Do you consider yourself one of the following people?

  • Using your eyelash curler too often?
  • Not changing your mascara enough?
  • Combing your lashes excessively after you apply mascara?
  • Taking lots of medications?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions you are not alone. These ways are very common as to why women suffer from thinning lashes. In order to help remedy this situation, develop a personal night time skin ritual. Start by ensuring that you wash your face before you go to bed and apply pure vitamin E oil to your eyelashes by using either a clean eyeshadow brush or a mascara wand. Vitamin E helps heal the skin and stimulates the follicles in your lashes to promote growth. You can purchase vitamin E oil and mascara wands at your local Walgreen's or beauty supply store. If you don't have vitamin E oil on hand Vaseline is a good substitute.

Another way to promote healthy skin and eyelashes is to incorporate a multivitamin into your diet. Sometimes we don't intake enough nutrients through what we eat to maintain healthy skin and hair, especially when you have to take in a lot of medicines and antibiotics. Incorporating a multivitamin with vitamins E, C, and Biotin will help accelerate healthy skin and hair.

If you want the best outcome for long, thick eyelashes consider following these tips:

  • Get rid of the eyelash curler- Eyelash curlers can weaken and possibly damage your eyelashes due to the pulling and tugging.
  • Change your mascara- Overtime eye makeup; especially mascara will develop bacteria which can pose a risk to your eyes in general. Dermatologists recommend that you change your mascara and eye makeup every three months.
  • Remove your make up before bedtime- This can be tricky especially after a long day at work or a night out with your friends. Wash your face with your normal facial cleanser or use makeup remover wipes in case you are going to spend the night at your BFFs. Your skin will be able to breathe better because of it.

Finally, if you are going to apply mascara, AVOID COMBING YOUR LASHES. To avoid clumps, make sure that your mascara isn't expired. Most clumps are caused by out of date mascara. If your mascara isn't out of date, simply take the wand and wipe the excess off with a napkin. Also apply no more than two coats to each eye; any more than two is too much and will cause your lashes to clump.

Maintaining healthy skin is the key factor in promoting growth in your eyelashes. Now that we have an understanding of the main causes of thinning eyelashes and how we can grow them back; the dream of having naturally long, thick, and beautiful eyelashes are finally within reach.

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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