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How to Make Your False Lashes Last All Night Long!

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Every girl’s secret weapon to completing a sexy nighttime look is false eyelashes. “Falsies” accentuate the lashes we have, making them appear fuller and longer and giving us the dramatic va-va-voom edge we need before going out on the town. As much as we love incorporating our mink lashes into as many looks as we can, there is nothing worse than when they start peeling off when we’re out in public! To avoid this makeup faux-pas, here are six tips to help make your lashes last all night.

First, bend your false lashes before applying them. Using the end of a makeup brush, wrap your lashes around to mimic the curved shape of your lid. Pre-bending will help prevent them from trying to retain their natural shape and peeling up at the corners.

Next - let that glue dry! Contrary to what you might think, you DON’T want to apply your lashes ASAP. To reach maximum tackiness, give the glue between 30-60 seconds before attaching to your lid. This will help make sure the glue will last all night long. And speaking of glue…

Our #1 selling Lotus Brush-On Lash Glue is specially formulated for long-lasting wear, and ease of removal to make your false eyelashes last longer. It's the eyelash adhesive we recommend using with all Lotus Lashes. You can also add an extra dab of glue to each end of the lash. The most likely spot for your false lashes to start peeling off is the ends, so make sure to add an extra bit of glue there to help keep it in place!

Another tip - Use an eyelash curler to help bond the false lashes to your real lashes. Not only will your eyelash curler give your lashes some extra lift, but they’ll also help clamp the false lashes to the real things. Don’t press too hard though, or you might lift off part of the glue. A gentle clamp will do the trick!

You can also add a second layer of glue AFTER your false lashes are placed. After they have set and are right where you want them, run a second, thinner layer on top. This helps to make sure they are going to stay put! You can run your eyeliner over the top of the glue after it dries to help keep it hidden.

And finally, one last tip for making those false lashes last: invest in a lash applicator tool. The real key to making your false lashes stay on all night long is to make sure they are placed and applied correctly. The steadiest of hands can still make mistakes, so try investing in an eyelash-applicator tool. They are usually made of plastic, and will hold your falsie as you set it in exactly the right spot.

So don’t be afraid to be bold - incorporate those false lashes into your next look, and remember these tips to help them last all night long!

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Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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