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How to Pull Off the Pink Glossy Eye Look

how to achieve the pink glossy eyed look lotus lashes

Have you ever admired the pink glossy eye look on runway models or models in fashion magazines and wondered if you could pull off the sparkling boldness of this makeup trend?

The good news is that you can pull off the pink glossy eye look if that's your cup of tea. The bad news is that off the runway or the set of a magazine photo shoot, such an appearance is not meant for long-lasting wear? Why? Because the makeup tends to crease.  

Although you can't prevent the creasing, you can still pull this look off in daily life! Here are tips on how to get that look!

 First off, prepare your face with base makeup: foundation, concealer, setting powder. Don't forget to apply foundation to the eyes to neutralize the skin tone.  

 Next, apply a cream-colored eyeshadow on your eyelids.

 Then apply a dark pink eyeshadow, working it up to the crease using a flat brush and with a patting motion to diminish any fallout. It's easy to go overboard in this step, so take your time layering the color and thus boldening the shade. Don't apply the pink shadow to the lower lash line because this will make the eye appear inflamed.

 Apply a taupe eyeshadow to the crease using a dome-shaped eyeshadow brush. Blend the two pink shadows at the crease to give the colors a more seamless look.

 Put on two coats of waterproof mascara. The reason for waterproof is because afterward, you will apply clear lip gloss on your lids, and the gloss can get on your lashes.

 Finally, with a small, flat brush, apply a small amount of clear lip gloss (or petroleum) to the lid.

 To make your face glow, use highlighter and your favorite lip color to complete the look.

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Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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