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Indulge in 2018's Candy Colored Pastel Makeup Trend

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 08 2018

2018 pastel makeup trend lotus lashes

There's a trend in cosmetics going strong in 2018 that's the polar opposite of what we've seen lately. You may remember all of the felt-tipped pen eyeliners on the market, used to create black graphic lines in sometimes improbable shapes and thicknesses. Rather than a punk look, these black lines were more of a neo-Baroque or even neo-Daliesque design.

Now, the pendulum has swung the other way. Mid-toned pastels -- the candy shell colors -- are being used all over the face: lips, blush, eyeshadow and especially new for this year, eyeliner. Application is much more amorphous than in seasons past. What's also gone? It appears that obvious definition for eyes and (maybe even) cheek and eye socket contouring. Is that infamous Kim Kardashian trademark look gone? As evidenced by the celebrity's new pink hair look and pastel makeup, it may very well be! Astute observers will point out that she's matching this understated look with pastel contacts, as her natural color is a deeper, more defined -- and therefore, harsher looking -- black-brown. Years before, Nicole Richie's lavender hair was way ahead of the trend. The brown shading under the cheekbones look seems to have gone by the wayside.

Elle magazine attributes this sea change as evolving from such color concepts as mermaid hair, the unicorn food phenomenon and "millennial pink". If you don't what shade that is, it started with a few corporate marketers using a pinky peachy beige salmon shade in ads that seems to be free from gender lines. It's not just about one color now -- it's the ombre, rainbow and psychedelic mixture that's so fresh.

Just because makeup is pastel, doesn't mean that it's traditional. Shimmers and glitters create dimension, which is critical to darker skin not looking ashy. Another fresh twist: unusual color use. You'll see turquoise lips and candy pink eyes.

Photo credit bebeautiful.in

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